So much happens daily in our wonderful area of Abersoch which people don’t get to know about I thought I would put some thoughts & facts into a blog, not just for visitors but for locals too and maybe entice more people out there to come along and experience all we have here. 

From Llanbedrog headland across to Abersoch.
Courtesy of Jeff Phillips

If you are like me then you love to hear all about an area, the hidden treasures, the people who live there, (well aren’t we all slightly nosey?!) interesting places to visit and what is happening around and about. With this blog I am hoping to be a kind of Information Centre for both visitors and locals with all sorts of posts on Abersoch, I will be including places and events which are worth visiting from this area, shops and restaurants, and lots of other random bits.  In fact if there is anything in particular that you would like some more information about then please just let me know and I will try to find out!

By way of an introduction I will give you a little bit of my background.  Our new website has coincided with a new way of life for me (and about time too) as a few months ago I closed my gift shop in Abersoch after running it for 20 years.  With the increasing tally of years in residence at the shop so did my patience levels decrease (much to the amusement of all who know me!) so I decided it was about time I stepped away from life in a customer facing environment -as those close to me kept saying that I would be locked up for murder if I didn’t!  You never know I may blog a little about some of the crazy situations that arise from the ‘holiday’ retail environment (most often on a rainy day!) now that I am out of it I don’t run such a risk of upsetting customers!

Present Thoughts Gift Shop

I had imagined that giving up the shop would mean that I would have time on my hands hence this blog, but in reality that just hasn’t happened, however having always been a busy person, throwing something else into the mix is just what I have always done!  Amongst many other things I am active with our local traders group, trying to promote the area and put on events throughout the year for both visitors and locals, a successful example being the Abersoch Christmas festival which takes up a great deal of my time, and has now become a huge event in our calendar here. Together with some friends, we run Clwb Panad (Cuppa Club) to bring the older members of our local community together each month for a ‘panad’, a biscuit and a chat.

Two of the horses in their field in Bwlchtocyn over looking Abersoch Bay
The Riding Centre horses overlooking Abersoch Bay

Prior to the shop I ran a Riding Centre in Bwlchtocyn and before that I spent my childhood years as one of the holiday makers who we cater for in our cottages.  During the whole of the over 35 years I have lived in this area I have always run self-catering accommodation so I have no excuse not to have pretty much perfected it by now.

I am passionate about all kinds of things (although I don’t profess to be an expert in many!), and I hope that you will enjoy involving yourself in all aspects of life in this stunning area, as this blog will give me an excuse to explore, discover and investigate all sorts of beautiful and interesting things and places. and then sharing them all with you!